Here are current appeals for which we are seeking support from people like you who want to be at the heart of enhancing patient care in our hospitals.

You can help with any of these appeals by fundraising, making a donation or joining one of our volunteer fundraising groups. To donate online, simply click here.

Main Appeals

Our Other Appeals

Appeals are structured across several areas to support our hospitals. We thrive on legacies, donations and fundraising and events, then ensure that all money raised goes to the areas you choose to support.

You can support whichever cause is closest to your heart at Nottingham’s hospitals – from childhood illness to stroke treatment, neonatal equipment to dementia research, you can be sure your donation will be used to help patients in your chosen area.

Last year, we gave £4 million in charitable support to Nottingham University Hospitals, thanks to our local community and people like you who are truly at the heart of our hospitals.Our appeals are chosen in consultation with patients and your clinicians to establish highest priorities where charitable expenditure will have the greatest impact on your care. These appeals span all clinical areas and focus on:

  • enhancing patient environments and facilities,
  • providing specialist equipment,
  • developing staff through specialist programmes,
  • funding local medical research
  • providing enhanced services such as specialist nursing and complementary therapies.