Children’s Hospital


Nottingham Children’s Hospital – which is based within Queen’s Medical Centre – cares for more than 40,000 young people every year.  Children from across the region are treated for everything from cancer and leukaemia to organ transplantation and broken bones.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity needs to raise more than £200,000 every year to provide ongoing support to the Children’s Hospital, helping to make the experience of being in hospital for the young patients and their families as positive as possible. 

With the support of passionate and enthusiastic fundraisers and generous donors from the local community we can provide the extra touches that make all the difference.


Thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to contribute £1.1m to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust in 2015 for enhancements and support for the Trust’s £4.7m redevelopment of the children’s cancer and neuroscience wards at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.  The redeveloped wards treat children and young people with cancer from across the East Midlands and provide the only unit in the region for neurodiagnostics and neuro surgery.  Charity funds helped to pay for colourful wall art, state-of-the-art air filtration and improved communal areas like play-rooms and a specific space for parents to get away from the wards.  66

Kind donations from individuals and companies have also totally transformed the waiting area in the outpatients department at the Children’s Hospital, replacing tired décor and dull furniture to make the area more colourful, child-friendly and less daunting for young patients and their families.

It is our aim to raise at least £50,000 every year to enable us to continue to support important improvements to the environment of Nottingham Children’s Hospital.


Nottingham Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital in the country to offer complementary therapy treatments to all its children and young people.  Services like aromatherapy, relaxation techniques and massage offer pain relief, reduce anxiety and help to improve the quality of life for patients.

“The main benefit of seeing a complementary therapist was that I saw it as not only a little treat, where I could have a lovely back massage to relieve my muscle fatigue and pain, but because it was another person to talk to who could reassure me and provide me with the motivation so that I could motivate myself to persevere.” A 17 year-old patient

We need to raise £30,000 a year to be able to continue providing this unique service for patients.


We will do anything we can do to make the experience of being in hospital more normal, less scary and more fun for children.  Charitable donations fund special music and art sessions which make a real difference – giving therapy, helping to ease stress and providing a distraction, not just for the young people who are unwell, but for their visiting parents and families too.

We need to raise £10,000 a year to be able to offer a programme of music and art sessions for patients.


We also fund specialist state-of-the-art medical equipment, which helps to assist diagnosis and treatment, to reduce waiting times and hospital stays, to increase patient comfort and ultimately to save lives.

A special machine to measure the heart function of sick children, which cost £15,000 and was funded entirely by charitable donations, helped to save the life of a six month old baby within hours of being installed.

Donations totalling £6,000 were used to purchase respiratory monitoring devices for children with breathing difficulties who use home ventilation equipment.  These new devices stop children having to visit hospital for more invasive and distressing forms of monitoring, helping them to relax and breathe
easy at home.

It is our aim to raise at least £50,000 each year to ensure that important, life-saving equipment can be purchased for the Children’s Hospital.


It can be a difficult and frightening time for young people who have to spend time in hospital.  The Children’s Hospitals Play and Development service, which is supported by Nottingham Hospitals Charity, is made up of qualified health play specialists and nursery nurses who provide play and recreation for children and young people on wards, clinics, day surgery and in the community.  These brilliant Play Specialists provide essential support to children, young people and their families – taking their mind off painful procedures and difficult experiences, helping them to communicate their anxieties, fears and worries, and helping to make life more fun and less scary.

We also fund youth support workers – for example a Young People’s Emotional Health Worker supporting young people in crisis with emotional well-being and mental health difficulties including distressed or disturbed behaviour.

We need to raise at least £50,000 every year to be able to continue to support Nottingham Children’s Hospital by funding additional staffing posts.


The Youth Service at the Children’s Hospital supports young people who attend hospital with chronic illness or disability, giving them access to a special Youth Room, positive activities to do, residential trips away and someone to talk to.

It provides a way for patients to get away from all the medical stuff, to chill out, to make friends and to be a young person.  Weekly workshops also teach important life skills, including budgeting, independence, health awareness and work experience.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity supports the youth service by buying new equipment, by supporting a weekly youth club and by funding residential trips away.  It’s just another way that funds raised by our generous supporters help to improve the experiences of young people being cared for at Nottingham Children’s Hospital every year.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the Children’s Hospital Youth Service.  They are amazing and you get to do amazing things!  I was diagnosed with kidney failure when I was 9. At that age, it was really hard feeling like I was different from everyone else because I had to take lots of medication.  I was really unhappy.  Then I went on a trip with the Youth Service and got to meet other children who were just like me.  Since then the Youth Service has been a lifeline, I’ve made such good friends, it’s been just what I needed.” Sophie (aged 18)

We need to raise up to £30,000 every year to continue our support for the Youth Service.

By supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity – Children’s Hospital Fund you will be helping to support children at every step of their treatment and care – transforming facilities, providing important services and funding new equipment. 

 Your contribution will have a direct impact on the extraordinary children and their families that we see every day, making their stay in hospital a better and brighter experience.


smallicon2Support the amazing patients and staff at the Children’s Hospital: text NUHC13 and either ‘£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070, call 0115 9627905, or you can donate on the following link.