Prostate Cancer Appeal

This year 50,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 10,000 men will die from the disease.
Help us to save lives by raising money for vital research that is helping to make advances in treatment and care for men with prostate cancer.

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Breast Cancer Research Appeal

We’ve come a long way and you’ve helped us raise over £150,000 to investigate ways for early detection, diagnosis and more targeted treatment of breast cancer – all here in Nottingham – by your doctors. These techniques are receiving national acclaim and there is always more to do for women with breast cancer through leading edge research and new drug treatments.

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NOW Appeal

Could you help raise money for orthopaedic research in Nottingham?

The Nottingham Orthopaedic Research Appeal aims to raise funds for studies into orthopaedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures and bone infections. The research is carried out jointly by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham, and the findings aim to benefit patients not only locally, but nationally.

Kidney Care Appeal

People who suffer from kidney disease must spend much of their lives as outpatients in our hospitals. This is notwithstanding the trauma of knowing that a transplant may improve the quality of their lives and that there are no guarantees that this will take place.

Donations to the Kidney Care appeal will alleviate hardship by providing specialist medical equipment, day time activities for dialysis patients and vital research to develop new treatments, with a focus on prevention.

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