NHC funds Day Therapy activities for patients at Hayward House

This year the Charity has been able to provide funding for a range of activities to engage, stimulate, involve and entertain palliative patients whilst they receive medical assessment and treatment for their symptoms.

The activities patients can take part in range from oil painting and freestyle drawing to sewing, jewellery and memory box making. Activities are also themed throughout the year, so they incorporate events like Valentine’s Day, Wimbledon and Christmas festivities.

Day Therapy Sister, Carol Parlor says: “It helps to distract patients from their symptoms and diagnosis, enables them to meet other patients and make new friends. It opens up their social world. It also enables them to be monitored regarding symptom control and gives them space and support to come to terms with their illness. At the same time, it allows them to create special pieces to gift to their loved ones.”

The Charity funding has also helped to provide art therapy and complementary therapy, which can help patients relax and ease their symptoms.