Student midwives take on QMC Abseil to support bereaved parents

QMC Abseil

A group of student midwives will abseil almost 100ft down the side of the Queen’s Medical Centre this weekend, to raise money in support of bereaved parents.

The team of six will take on our Big QMC Abseil this Saturday (18 September). They have so far raised over £900 for our Zephyr’s centre, at the City Hospital, which provides support for bereaved families after the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child.

Team members Alexandra Campbell, Sara Reeve, Amy Atkin, Gemma Ollerenshaw, Emily Kent and Sarah Sharpe, all began their midwife training together in September 2019, at the Queen’s Medical Centre. They are now entering their final year of training, and wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

Alexandra said: “I wanted to raise some money whilst taking on a massive personal challenge - I am absolutely terrified of heights! Even standing on the step ladder to paint the ceiling sends me funny. I thought it would be more fun to do it as a team, and a memory to have from our training.”

Amy said: “It was Alexandra’s idea to sign up – she ran over to us during a lecture and pitched it to us, and made it sound like a really good idea at the time, so I agreed. With just a few days to go, I’m not finding it so much of a good idea anymore!"

Student midwife team
Talking about why they wanted to raise money for Zephyr’s, Sara explained: “As a cohort, we each proposed a charity we wished to represent. We then voted on each, and Zephyr’s were voted as our chosen charity due to our love for the work they do.

“The charity provides a centre which offers a safe, calming place for families who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child. They can receive professional services and find comfort and support from staff and other families.”

Zephyr’s is run by Nottingham Hospitals Charity and relies purely on charitable donations. The centre offers peer support, and a calm place of connection and understanding for bereaved parents and families.

Carly Williams, Project Manager and Co-founder of Zephyr’s, said: “We are so grateful to the team of student midwives, and to all the other Zephyr’s supporters, who have chosen to take on the Big QMC Abseil this weekend. The money they are raising will make a real difference to the families being supported here at Zephyr’s, and help us continue to provide nurturing care to those affected by pregnancy, baby or child loss.”

With the abseil coming up this weekend, Alexandra says: “I can't quite believe that it has finally come around! I am nervously excited to do it - as I say it’s a massive personal challenge for me, but I know I can do it with the support of my amazing team. It’s for such a worthwhile cause and we are each so passionate about their work.”

Sara said: “I am extremely nervous for the abseil as I am petrified of heights. However, I am also excited to experience this opportunity with my friends, and I am proud of each of us. We are passionate about the charity, and as student midwives they support families when our professional care ends.”

You can sponsor the team by clicking here, or sign up to one of our upcoming events here.
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